Bryan Cross, Natural Resources Discipline Manager

Office: 217-605-0403
Email: bcross@prairieengineers.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/pub/bryan-cross/13/863/a20

Bryan Cross began working for Prairie Engineers in 2012, but has been working in the environmental field since the mid-1990's. He has extensive experience in conducting field investigations for wetlands, and threatened and endangered species; environmental permitting; and preparation of environmental technical memoranda, feasibility studies and environmental assessments. Bryan also has significant experience in restoration of degraded natural systems, including lakes, wetlands, prairie and forested ecosystems. He leads the Environmental group located in our Springfield, IL office. Knowing his general professional philosophy explains a lot about him:

"Whether we like it or not (whether a tree hugger or not), we live in a deeply modified/engineered world and that truth is not going to change any time soon; however, we do not have to completely sacrifice the ecological integrity of the natural resources around us as urban footprints expand. Some of the highest quality habitats in Illinois exist within isolated plots of land surrounded entirely by urban development. While highly vulnerable, these resources offer insight to the past and future. Proper land management and urban planning can result in the co-existence of natural environments and people. I have dedicated my career to seeking out projects where we can find ways to improve natural environments / communities, but not exclude the human factor. The more people are around quality natural areas, the more they appreciate them. The more people are isolated from natural areas, the more easily they are willing to discard them.